Outdoor escape is born !

Welcome to the new “Outdoor Escape” blog. But don’t go too far. Because were gonna stay right around the outside of your home. We love talking about things in and around your yard. For instance Swimming Pools and Spas are one of my personal favorites, But I also love the uniqueness of Interlocking Pavers. These are just a couple of ideas I have for this blog.
I have had the fortunate position of working around the things I love the most. As a matter of fact more than half my life has been spent in and around this field. It has given me plenty to talk about and I have meet and work for some truly fabulous clients. Being around these elements everyday gives us plenty to talk about. So my business partner Kris Heftved and myself Peter Langevin, will host a weekly Podcast. This is still in the works as we have a few things to learn about Podcasting. But it should be interesting.
We are open to your suggestions so please send in your comments and with your help we can all spend some quality time in your yard, maybe around the Fire Pit with a glass of Wine or a cold one.


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