Interlocking pavers will make your food taste better !

It surprise’s me how we use grey concrete for 99% of our driveways and walk paths. Why grey? When was the last time you saw a grey painted or stucco’d house?
Fact is we live in a colorful world and color surrounds us and lifts our spirits higher. So why would we use it as the primary color choice for the entrance to our home and driveway?
I can answer that with only one comment, COST! Grey concrete is cheap and quick to install. We all know what happens to concrete as it ages: Cracking, Lifting, Scaring, Blotchy, to name a few. When I speak with my client about concrete I always let them know the pitfalls of the material and the long term cost of replacement. Not to mention that grey concrete is downright boring.
I can prove my point by directing you to inspect the spaces we go to for dinner and amusement. More than ever you will see interlocking pavers bring these spaces to life! Its color and texture connects planter areas to sitting areas creating a comfortable atmosphere. More architects are using interlocking pavers as their go to decking material. In fact I was on a jobsite recently where the owner wanted the cheaper product (concrete) for their expansive network of decking. This was a cost saving method and it deviated from the original material plan. The architect of this project was so passionate about his design and materials choices that he threatened to walk off the job if Interlocking pavers where not used! Now that’s commitment to a material. By the way I could have not agreed more with the architect. On a design point the area would have had a cold institutional feeling.
I offer a few areas to look at interlocking pavers when you’re considering your decking choice: #1 Disneyland, take a look around pavers everywhere. #2 the Spectrum in Irvine, CA.
#3 The Grove in Los Angeles, CA. #4 Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA. The unique nature of these materials gives an undeniable warmth and charm. Interlocking pavers transports the mind to
different locations. I dare to say food taste better when sitting on them 🙂


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  1. Hey Peter, great article. Love the content, and the headline. I guess you can’t have the happiest place on earth without interlocking pavers!

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