I mentioned to my business partner #Kris Heftved how interesting it was that a #firepit was the most requested item in a new backyard project. Not a swimming pool or spa, not a BBQ or even a putting green! This fact was provided to me while attending a seminar from The Old Castle Company which is one of the largest concrete manufacturers in the world. Personally we’ve had a #firepit in our backyard forever. So it got me to think just how often we use it. After doing a small calculation of use I was somewhat blown away. Last year our firepit ran 27 nights. That’s a lot of use! We sit by it to talk, cook over it, look at the stars, drink a glass of wine/beer etc… This is something I have definitely taken for granted for some time. As a company we’ve built so many of them that I have forgotten how valuable they are to our clients outdoor experience. So my News year’s resolution has just changed. I’m going to promote the #firepit like never before. Were in the business of providing outdoor comfort and a #firepit is a very inexpensive option for our clients. If space allows, I think a #firepit is even more useful than a fire- place. A #firepit allows you to sit around the whole unit thus sharing with family and friends. Let’s build one!!!


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  1. Salt water pools over chlorine pools any day.

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