Light up your pool life

Lighting is often a neglected piece of the swimming pool puzzel. Most swimming pools are equiped with a single 500 watt light and the spa is downgraded using just a single 100 watt light. Depending on size, shape and surface color (plaster/pebble) the lighting system just mentioned might be just fine for your taste. However it has been my experience that this is not adaquite as dark or under-li…t areas are very common issues. Additionally the popularity of non-refelctive, darker surfaces actually absorb light rays. So with that said, It is now common pratice for us at Simply Pools to use a minimum of two lights equaling 1000 watts in the pool and 300 watts in the spa. Eliminating most or all of the lack of light issues, On a side note, The new LED lighting systems are getting alot of notice these days. They are installed closer to the surface than normal underwater lights and actually use the surface like a mirror to distribute the light. This gives the surface an outstanding glow and provides more perimeter lighting which bounces off the walls, house and trees. This option is abit more money and uses significantly less energy to operate. The life span of these LED systems is massive and a number of our clients now have their LED lighting systems running nightly


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