Egyptians, Falling Water & Calming Spaces

The Egyptians used water to cool the interior of their homes. Through the use of “runnels” they were able to allow warmer wind to blow over cooler water gently cooling the home. You must be asking yourself, where is he going with this right?! Well this runnel had to make predetermined drops to steadily move the water. Additionally “The drop” gave the interior two distinct features for the period that still hold up today. One feature was the sound of falling water. This sound has been accepted to relax and calm the mind. The second distinct feature is watching water fall or drop. This gives your eyes visual stimulation. Through sound and vision we are able to create unique area around the home to stimulate. It maybe a small water feature in front of the home to invite and calm guest as they enter your home. A water feature in the backyard can cover up or mask the sounds of barking dogs, traffic noise or the occasional lawn mower.
My wife loves this little fountain in our master bedroom. It’s a simple tier waterfall that sits on a pedestal in the corner of the room. She has acknowledged a total change in the way we sleep. She has noticed my sleep habits to be much calmer with less movement. While I thought it was overpowering and loud for the room I did get use to it quickly.
I have been in many situations where there is too much noise So noisy in fact that I noticed everyone had to increase the volume in order to hear over the crown. For this fact I’m not a big advocate of huge rock pools with water features. They are just too noisy in the average backyard and the house reverberates the noise back at you making it uncomfortable for casual conversation. So be cautious when selecting your water feature for the home. A good option is to visit your local fountain supplier. They usually have a host of water features all running at the same time for your inspection.


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