A BBQ That Cooks the Perfect Steak or Grilled Pizza with Goat Cheese, Tomatoes, and Thyme

Outdoor BBQ have made massive steps in the right direction over the last 20 years or so. While some still enjoy cooking with charcoal briquettes, The vast majority of us have moved into natural gas systems. Those that have deviated from the original course have been rewarded with higher quality backyard gourmet that are reviling restaurant quality meals. Higher end BBQ manufactures like Twin Eagles and Lynx (Viking) lead this race. Their BBQ’s are double walled which encapsulates the heat far great and allows food to cook evenly. This produces a true oven quality experience that even Chefs are raving about. Their grill tops are known to cook evenly also, so even if you are cooking a simple hamburgers, you will experience less hot and cold areas. If your cooking a fillet then again the rewards don’t stop. Additionally they have really taken the lead using only the highest quality stainless steel available and backing up their units with outstanding warranties and service. If these units are out of your budget not to worry. The new “Turbo” grill made by BBQ’s galore is a winner. While not being doubled walled which offers that great oven experience, It does have a fantastic grill that keeps up with the big boys. This unit also incorporates a rotisserie with a rear “sear” zone which is great for cooking that roast or whole chicken to perfection. Quality stainless steel construction will put a smile on your face and give you years of grilling bliss. Here’s a quick, important, mandatory tip. Always cover your grill! None of these units come with a cover. Excessive sun, grime and dust can ruin even the finest BBQ. Now go grill something yummy…! Here’s a link I find useful when looking for great BBQ recipes. http://www.delish.com/entertaining-ideas/parties/barbecue-grilling/gourmet-grilled-recipes


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