Salt water pool systems

A Salt Water Pool System has become the most requested piece of swimming pool equipment in nearly 30 years.  For good reason, Salt water pool systems are pleasant to swim in.  The water feels amazingly soft on your skin and hair. The saline pool water in fact feels so good that you will actually enjoy opening your eyes underwater!

So what exactly is a Salt water pool system?  Originating more than 25 years ago in the land down under Australia , A Salt water pool system uses a specially designed electrolytic cell also known as a chlorine generator to sanitize the pool water and rid it from Alage, bacteria and contaminates.  The salt system will only work when pool salt has been added directly to the water and reaches a predetermined level. Usually this level is somewhere in the range of 3000-3500 PPM (parts per million) As the saline pool water reaches the electrolytic cell,  Chlorine gas if formed and is introduced into the water path and thus returning to the pool to do its prescribed job.

Wait a minute… You just told me a salt water pool system makes chlorine….!?
YES, All swimming pools need some form of sanitizer to keep the water fresh and clean. The beauty of these systems is having the ability to produce the purest and most effective sanitizer there is and the best part is having total control of the amount that’s made.  When you produce your own sanitizer each day,  you’ll be amazed just how low the chlorine level needs to be. This is where most of us get confused.  There’s so little chlorine in the water that your family and guest wont even smell or taste it.   The days of lugging and spilling heavy cases of liquid chlorine to your home are over.  Instead you will be making your own when ever your pool pump is running.

Like I was saying earlier the benefits of a saline pool are numerous.  One that I find most important is having the ability to comfortably open your eyes underwater.  You see the salinity of your eyes is very close to the salinity level required in a salt water pool system.  Those who wear eye contacts can understand this point.  For their eyes to be comfortable they have to treat their contacts daily in a mild saline solution. 

Unlike real ocean water which can have a salt level of 35,000 ppm, the mild saline levels in a salt pool are also very comfortable to swim in.  We regularly get comments from the field of just how soft the water feels. Additionally when exiting the water and drying in the sun there isn’t that crunchy, dry feeling that just makes you want to take a shower.  Those with skin problems believe that swimming in salt has bettered their life.  Doctors for example request their patients with skin issues to soak 2-3 times a day in a salt bath.    

There are literately dozens of salt water pool systems on the market today.   Having delt with many of the most popular brands form Pentair, Hayward and Jandy/Zodiac, I differently have an oppion or two.  With this said my top choice is the Aquarite Turbo cell manufactured by Hayward Goldline.  Their Turbo cell is very easy to clean and the life expectancy is longer then the rest of the competition.   The Hayward goldline turbo cell has a 3 year facatory backed warranty.  They can provide such a great warranty due to a specially designed reverse polarity cleaning  phase,  the salt cell automatically cleans itself every 6 hours of running time.   While this helps the unit last longer and keeps the production of chlorine incheck, Some additional cleaning is required and can easily be preformed by the user or the weekly serviveman.   

The swimming experience is one of leisure, exercise and competition.  As a pool professional it is my duty and privilege to ensure the cleanest and most comfortable water for safe swimming.  Treat your family and friends to a new deminsion of enjoyment.  Swim for yourself and feel the difference.


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