Saltwater Chlorinator Cell Cleaning

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               A salt water pool system like the Aquarite Turbo Cell 15 should be cleaned at least 1 time per year. This will remove additional calcium build up missed by the self cleaning cycle that the unit does every 6 hours of run time.  For convince we will clean the electrolytic salt cell at the same time that the filter is cleaned.  We have gotten into a habit of noting the cleaning dates of both pieces of equipment and posting those notes in the timer box.  Additionally I have set up a recurring alert on my Iphone.  Another great reason to have a smart phone. 



NOTE: Always Turn Power Off To The Pool Equipment When performing maintainance  

Cleaning the AquaRite Turbo Cell saltwater chlorinator is a very easy process. Follow these easy steps and you will be finished in no time:

  •   Remove the inline Cell ( T15 Cell, T9 Cell, T3 Cell) by loosening up the large bulkhaed unions.
  •  Un-plug the single wire that attaches into the control box. 
  •  Visually inspect the inside of the turbo cell for damage
  •  Rinse out the inside of the cell with hose water
  •  Attach the unit to the T cell cleaning stand.
  •  Make a solution of 4 parts water to one part muriatic acid (pool acid) in a small bucket.    NOTE: Always add acid directly to water and when using chemicals always use proper safety equipment  
  • Pour the acid/water solution directly into the cell untill its almost full
  • Let the Turbo Cell sit for 2-4 minutes while the solution removes the calcium build up 
  • Inspect the cell and clean again if needed 
  • Before installing the Turbo cell, Inspect the rubber o-rings at the bulkhead fittings.  The o-rings will need to be in place and in good condition.  Apply a small amount of silicone lubricant to the surface of each o-ring
  • Re-install the turbo cell and hand tighten the large bulkhead nuts until firm
  • Plug the single wire back into the control box
  • Start the system and inspect for leaks
  • Pour the acid/water solution into the pool or other safe location
  • Your back in business making the purest sanitizer available

The ease of maintenance is but another reason I like the Aquarite turbo cell salt water chlorinator.              


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