Salt Water Pool System Health Benefits


Salt water pool system health benefits.
So I'm a huge advocate on adding a salt water pool system to your pool circulation equipment.  Beside the obvious reason of how the water feels and how easy it is on your eyes, There are additional benefits that can also be added the rooster of goodness.  Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium and Calcium are minerals that are great for your health.   Potassium present in a salt water pool system is a beneficial mineral because the blood it lacking it after exercising.  Magnesium helps in keeping your nervous system in check. Sodium in pool salt keeps your immune system thriving. Calcium helps in keeping your bones and teeth healthy.  

The swimming experience is one of Leisure, Exercise, Health and Competition.  As a pool professional it is my duty and privilege to ensure the cleanest and most comfortable water for safe swimming.  Treat your family and friends to a new dimension of enjoyment.  Swim for yourself and feel the difference.




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