Your salt water pool system is acting up

http://www.saltwaterpoolsystem.netOK gang,  Your salt water pool system is acting up.  What do you do??? 
So today I want to point out some problems you may encounter with a saltwater chlorinator.  This way when the problems arise you don’t have to worry.  Lets make this clear, This is going to happen at some point.  The absolute best way to avoid problems with the pool system is to set up a regular maintenance schedule.  I use my IPhone and set up a 6 month check up for the circulation system which includes inspecting the Filter, Pump, Heater and Salt System.  This is also why I believe that the Aquarite Turbo cell salt water pool system is the best on the market.  The accompanying Goldline controller has a very easy to read LED panel with LED lights that point out problems.  I have used this system for 10 years through all phases and revisions.  The amount of money I’ve saved on chlorine purchases and algae treatments has paid for the system over and again.  So here’s a simple list of issues I have encounter with my system.  Please email me if you think I have missed something or have a comment.        
#1  No Flow 
The Aquarite system uses a flow indicator switch.  The switch is threaded into a PVC fitting just before the turbo cell.  The flow switch closes when water if moving through the plumbing.
If the “no flow” light is on then you must verify that the water is actually moving through the pipes.  Replacing this switch maybe necessary.  It simply threads in with Teflon tape and plugs into the control box.  If you need a flow switch Amazon is the place to get it. 
Need a flow switch go here
#2 Low Salt
Having a low salt level will happen at some point.  Be careful when adding additional salt to the pool.  You only want to add enough to get you back in the correct zone.  Each pool is different in size and depth.  Add small amounts over a couple of days to slowly bring the level up.   You can simply broadcast the salt over the surface of the water.  The salt will dissolve as it sinks to the bottom.  If you find out that you need a substantial amount of salt go here for my method of adding salt.     
#3 High Salt
This happens when you add too much pool salt.  Salt can be very corrosive on metallic parts like those found in swimming pool heaters and pool / spa lights.  Shut the system off immediately.  Drain a portion of the water and refill.  Check the LED panel readout for salt levels. 
#4 Inspect cell
Like I mentioned before.  I’m a big advocate of regular maintenance.  I clean my salt cell once a year. When this light is on, You are not producing any sanitizer.  Follow the instruction here to clean the cell.  It maybe necessary to replace the cell due to age.     Again Amazon is a great place to get a new cell.  Need a replacement salt cell go here

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