Salt water pool system for the kids

I was reminded this weekend just how important a salt water pool system can be.  Kids occupy most of the swimming environments my company visits.  When swimming pools get busy, they can be a nightmare to take care of.  This particular swimming pool we were at was literally packed with kids including mine from morning to night.  I was luckily taking a small break away from home vacationing at the Colorado River in Arizona.  The resort we were staying at was miles away from any pool store to get supplies like chlorine and other stuff.  The 4 days we were there brought warm weather and a sparkling pool in the middle of no where.  Curious and noisy as I am, I started asking the management for the pool maintenance person.  they directed me to a young guy by the name of Justin.  I introduced myself and complimented him on the water quality.  He said taking care of the water was very easy due to the 3- Aquarite turbo cell salt water pool systems he had on the circulation system!  He agreed that the distance to get pool supplies including fresh chlorine daily as too far.  In addition liquid chlorine has a very short life span.  In warm weather you will be lucky to get 30 days from a gallon.  It just made sense to get a salt water pool systems online.  The Chlorine generators make pure chlorine daily and have the ability to super chlorinate at the push of the button.  Then it just clicked…   Not a single kid complained of red irritated eyes and there was no chlorine smell to the water. The kids were all cheerful. Heck I had not even put my face in the water for four days.  I was too busy watching my own children. I asked my kids and their friends what they thought of the water.  I just got your normal kid response,  Its fine…!     That's all I needed to hear.  Another salt pool success story.

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