A Greener Solution Commericial Salt Water Pool Systems

Salt water pool systems are a greener solution to using liquid chlorine in your pool weekly.  The cost to manufacture liquid chlorine is tremoundous.  Mega electricity to produce, Mega fuel to transport it and huge enviromental and health impacts can accure if spilled.      
Recently we installed two salt water pool systems on a commercial pool here in Orange County CA. The homeowner association board of directors had two goals in mind. 1- Make the pool area a healthier place to swim and enjoy with family and friends. 2- Reduce the monthly cost of chlorine by producing their own with saltwater chlorine generators. 
This is a very proactive approach due to the fact that the cost of chlorine is rising and restrictions on transporting it are increasing.  These system have been so effective that the California Environmental Health Association is now approving these systems.  Their requirement is that they must have an output of 3 lbs of chlorine per day minimum.  Here's a link for their approved equipment list.  Look under "chlorinators"  Note that some parts of Los Angeles will not allow these systems. 
Many of the systems we favor for easy of use and longevity will only produce 1.5 lbs. per day. So we must install a minimum of two units.  An additional requirement states they must be installed in a side stream configuration.  Here's a diagram of what a side stream installation should look like.  
I commented in a previous post  on my trip to an Arizona resort where the swimmer demand was very high.  I was surprised to hear they were running more than a few salt water pool systems to keep the water fresh and healthy.  What I forgot to mention was the "Snow bird" population at that resort.  "Snow Birds" are usually older men and women who escape the cold weather and search for warm destinations from October through April.  Many come from as far away as Alaska just to say warm and out of the snow.  I spoke to many of them regarding the pool and most mentioned the saline pool water as a huge plus.  Many felt it was very healing and it was a big reason for them to came back again.   
Peter Langevin


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