Salt water pool systems are HOT

Salt water pool systems are HOT !  Yes it's true, salt pools are all the rage.  Swimming in a pool with a salt water pool system has gained massive traction in the United States. 
2011 distributation reports from the sunbelt states have shown a dramatic increase in salt water pool system sales.   The numbers dont' just stop in the southern states.  The northern states have seen steady growth as well.  They are also enjoying the many benefits of healthier pool water and also reaping the cost saving in producing their own chlorine to sanitize their pool water. 
With the 2012 swimming season merely weeks away , Now is the best time to install a salt water pool system for your family to enjoy.  The kids will love opening their eyes underwater and you will love just how luxurious the water feels on your skin.  My clients say they actually use the pool more with a salt system.  They also are pleased with the fact that they don't have to drive all over town to pick up toxic pool chemicals.  Leaving them more time to do what they love best, sped time with their families.  I encourage you read some of my previous post and educate yourself on the power of the salt pool.   In the end my belief is that it just make sense to install a salt water pool system.
Peter Langevin
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