Salt Water Pool System Oasis

Jandy AquaPure Ei
I have been looking at this product for a several years.  I'm always leery of new products without the field testing in place.  But I was given an opportunity to try these systems out and we extended the discount to my clients  With this said I very confident now with the Jandy AquaPure Ei salt water pool system.  12 of our clients have had these systems since they were introduced two years ago and they all still function flawlessly.  Not only do I like this product but the consensus of other field technicians I speak with all report favorably.  What they like about the Jandy Ei is the ease of installation.  Most reported a 20 minute install time.  Additionally the housing is clear so inspecting the cell fins for calcium build up is made easy. Jandy / Zodiac came up with this easy to install system to capture the DIY (do it yourself) market.  In doing so, The professional market joined in giving it real street credibility.  With just a few tools all most anyone can install it.  Check out this installation video from Jandy   Salt water pool systems are a great investment and a healthier way to swim.  Do yourself a favor and check these systems out.

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